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Preventing Disease By Purifying Storage Air

Excellent disease control and optimal humidity in one machine. Humigation™ safely cleans and humidifies the air without expensive and dangerous chemicals. This machine will start saving you money the day it is installed.

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The future of potato storage today

Optimizing potato storage means minimizing disease and maximizing humidity.  IHT brings break-through patented air purification and humidification technology to potato storage.

Common potato storage molds naturally spread through the air and to stay airborne for long periods of time.

Humigation™ technology has proven to remove airborne particles as small as 0.4 microns in size. Not only does the Humigator™ capture mold spores, but also potato storage bacteria.


“Three years ago my biggest potato storage problems were silver scurf and black dot disease.  With IHT now installed in all of my cellars, I no longer have problems with either disease.  My cellars are clean and odor free.  These machines are very reliable and paid for themselves in the first year of use.”

-Reed Searle

Removes airborne mold spores and bacteria, helping to stop the spread of disease, especially diseases that primarily spread through the air such as Silver Scurf, Black Dot, and Fusarium.

Keep your storage air clean and disease free

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“I elected to use two small Humigation™ systems to see what would happen in my storage. We had no significant rot issues while using the system. The seed inspection has been very favorable, actually nearly zero defects upon shipping. Disease spread such as silver scurf is negative. It appears the environment, even in rudimentary storages, was enhanced with the Humigation™ equipment. It makes sense that it would work.”

– Jeff Bragg, M.S. Agriculture Education
President of Everything Potatoes

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